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Jingle Bell House

Jingle Bell House Achievements


Bournemouth Quality Standards – BQS


This is a quality assurance scheme for Day Nurseries which is designed and managed by the Early Years Team within Bournemouth Borough Council, the purpose of which is to independently assess our setting to confirm that we are meeting a high standard and continually looking for ways to improve the quality of the learning, development and care we offer.  


The standard looks at eight different areas:


• Vision, Values, Policies and Procedures

• Belonging and Connecting

• Being and Becoming

• Contributing and Participating

• Being Active and Expressing

• Thinking, Imagining and Understanding

• The Practitioner’s Role in Early Learning

• Leadership, Management and Staff Development


The successful completion of all eight modules can take up to four years to achieve.  


We are delighted to confirm that we are FULLY ACCREDITED.

Healthy Early Years – HEY


This is a second quality assurance scheme, also run by the Early Years Team within Bournemouth Borough Council.  This scheme introduces young children to a healthy and ecologically friendly lifestyle.  


Silver HEY is divided in to five different areas:


• Be Healthy

• Stay Safe

• Enjoy and Achieve

• Make a positive contribution

• Achieve economic well-being


Once again we are delighted to confirm that we are FULLY ACCREDITED in Bronze and Silver HEY.


See our BQS, Bronze HEY and Silver HEY plaques in our entrance hall.

BQS Award Healthy Early Years Award - Bronze Healthy Early Years Award - Silver