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Jingle Bell House

Our Rooms at Jingle Bell House

Our Rooms


Our Butterflies room is a large, open-plan, light and airy room specifically set up to accommodate the youngest members of our nursery.  The children in here are aged between 3 months and 2 years old.  It is here that first steps are taken, first words are spoken, new tastes are discovered and artwork is created on a prolific scale!  


We have a separate sleep room, offering full sized cots and cosy blankets for our babies, as and when needed, or according to your routine.


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Our Pre-School group incorporates all of our 2-5 year old children.  In this large space we have three interconnecting rooms plus the garden, allowing the children to free flow between the different spaces and activities on offer.  By mixing the two different age groups and allowing the children freedom of movement, we have found that it creates a much more relaxed environment for both the children and the staff, but also promotes a more natural way of learning as the older children help to teach the younger ones.


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