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Jingle Bell House

Parent partnership at Jingle Bell House Nursery

Parent Partnership

As a parent of a child at the Jingle Bell House, we value your input.  You know and understand your child better than anyone else and with your help we can provide all of our children with the best care possible.  With this in mind, we ask you to attend the first settling in session so that we can get to know you and your child better.  During this time, we will introduce you to your child’s keyworker and through discussion with you, we will determine your child’s sleep routine, likes and dislikes, dietary needs and their unique point of development.


Each month we publish a newsletter advising you about general information concerning day to day life at nursery.  We also use the back of the newsletter as a source of information that may be of interest to you.  We use this space to pass on useful articles or sources of advice for common concerns.  If you have anything in particular that you would like to know more about, just let us know and we will do the research.


Each summer we hold a parents evening, when we invite you to come along and have a chat with your child’s keyworker to discuss their development, areas of concern, move to school etc.  Although we organise this event at a specific time, we have an open door policy so if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to come and see us at any time.

Once a year the nursery holds a ‘Family Day’ (usually in August or September) where you can catch up and get together with other families, providing you with an extended network of support and friendship.


We also send out an annual parent survey to find out how parents feel about the setting and the service that we provide.  We would encourage you to complete this and offer any new ideas you may have to enable us to continue providing you with the high standard of care you seek for your child.


Staff nominations are something we involve our families in.  If a member of our team has helped you in some way, or impressed you, then we want to hear about it.  Our ‘Appreciation Board’ is in the entrance hall.  Simply write a post-it note, telling us who you want to nominate and why, along with the date and stick it to the board.  The post-it notes are read out by Management at the end of every day and at our monthly team meetings we provide the staff with certificates with all their nominations.


We post a lot of information on Facebook.  Just search for us at ‘Jingle Bell House Nursery’.  Only parents that have children attending the nursery will be accepted on Facebook.  Pictures are posted of the children, but all faces are obscured for security.  We use Facebook as a way to remind you about important information as well as dress up days, outings, themed days, etc.  We do not respond to any messages via Facebook so if you wish to contact us please do so via email or call us.


Your views are very important to us and so we ask that if you have any comments to add about your child’s development or about nursery in general, please send it to us using the link on this page.

Want to send us a comment or photo?


We love hearing about what the children are getting up to outside of nursery and hearing about any feedback you have!


We post lots of information on our Facebook page (do bear in mind we only accept parents of children attending our nursery) but if you wish to contact us directly, please use our email address:


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